Juicero is now available in 17 states

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Juicero is now available in 17 states with more on the way

Let’s see if we’re in your hood - or will be soon.

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Wholesome from start to finish


We start with ripe, raw, organic fruits and vegetables, which arrive fresh from the field.


We wash everything and chop it into Pack-friendly pieces.


We finish by sealing the produce (completely raw and never pasteurized) into our Packs, which get shipped to your door the day they're made.

Juicero Packs 101



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How to press a Pack

Packs require no prep or cleanup

Each Pack contains fresh cut produce, which gets pressed through a mesh filter so nothing but juice flows out the bottom via a burstable spout.

All you need to do is grab a glass.

Packs are smart

Each pack has a unique QR code that the Juicero Press reads to ensure you’re getting the highest quality juice possible.

And you can see the exact farms that grew everything inside.

Packs are recyclable

(and partially compostable)

Once pressed, the pulp inside can be eaten (our preference) or composted. The rest can be recycled.

No mess. Super easy.

How do you get Packs?

  • 1

    Create a weekly subscription

  • 2

    Get Packs delivered to your home or office

  • 3

    Change or cancel deliveries via the Juicero app

    • How do I make juice?
    • Do I need to add water?
    • How long will my Packs stay fresh?
    • How does the Pack subscription work?
    • How do I recycle the Juicero Pack?
    • May I taste the juice before I buy the Press?
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  • How do I make juice?

    All you need is the Press and a Pack, and you’re 5 steps away from cold-pressed bliss.

    1. Take a Pack from the Juicero carton in your refrigerator

    2. Hang the Pack on the registration hooks inside the Press

    3. Close the Press door and place a glass under the Pack’s spout

    4. Press the LED button in the center of the door to start the pressing process

    5. Within minutes, you’ve made 8 ounces of fresh, cold-pressed juice. Drink and enjoy!

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  • Do I need to add water?

    We get that question a lot, and we’re glad you asked: Nope. No way. Not necessary. Our Packs are filled with only pure, organic produce.

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  • How long will my Packs stay fresh?

    The organic produce living inside each Pack will stay fresh in your refrigerator for 5-7 days. Each Pack has a “Press By” date printed on the back. To ensure freshness and quality, the Press will automatically reject and not press any Packs past their expiration date. Don’t consume the contents of the Pack after this date.

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  • How does the Pack subscription work?

    Once you purchase your Press, you’ll be prompted to set up your accompanying Pack subscription. Packs will be delivered automatically on a weekly basis, but you can modify, pause, or cancel your subscription at any time.

    Packs are sold in bundles, or multiples of five (1 Bundle = 5 Packs). You can personalize the combination of Pack flavors that best suit your taste, the number of bundles you want delivered each week, and the specific day(s) you’d like them delivered. We ship bundles weekly.

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  • How do I recycle the Juicero Pack?

    The Pack itself (the outer layer) is recyclable at any recycling drop-off that accepts plastic bags (i.e. local grocery stores), or send them to us and we’ll recycle them for you. The Packs must be clean and dry, with the pulp removed from inside. Check here for more details. Also, the pulp inside the Packs is fully compostable or reusable.

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  • May I taste the juice before I buy the Press?

    We’re launching in California, our home state, and will host plenty of juice tastings and events in San Francisco and Los Angeles to start. Other cities in California are coming soon. If you aren’t in either city, or you live outside of California, we have plans to expand nationwide in the near future.

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Ready. Set. Press.

Juicero is now available in 17 states with more on the way!
AR, AZ, CA, CO, ID, KS, LA, NE, NM, NV, OK, OR, UT, SD, TX, WA, WY. Getting a Press is risk-free with our 30-day Happiness Guarantee.

  • Now available in 17 states!

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