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The Journey of Juicero

From picked to pressed, learn how the plants in our produce Packs get to your glass.


We follow Earth’s original recipe.

The Earth has been working for 4.5 billion years to perfect its process for making the most delicious, nutrient-rich plants. We don’t mess with amazing. We’re with amazing.

  • Every plant is picked at the peak of perfection from the best organic-certified farms.
  • If Earth isn’t making it, we don’t force her. Picking the best means the produce in every Packs is as seasonal as can be.
  • Each Pack contains only produce. No water, no additives, no preservatives are added, ever.


Washed. Chopped. Ready.

Once picked, all our organic produce lives in a temperature-controlled environment and is treated with the ultimate care. This way you know you are always pressing the most amazing juice, every time.

  • Produce is washed to remove dirt and insects (yes, it’s really organic!)
  • Each plant has a specific chop so you get more juice and less food waste with every press.
  • The Packs have a breathable membrane to guarantee your fruits and veggies stay fresh, living, and nutrient-rich.

Pack + Ship

Perfectly fresh from dirt to door.

It’s time for cold-pressed juice. Simply set your schedule and it’ll arrive directly to your doorstep.

  • To guarantee freshness, the fruits and veggies that arrive at your doorstep are perfectly chilled.


Amazing nutrition, available at the push of button.

Our entire process is designed to get you the freshest raw fruits and veggies so that making healthy habits is simple.

  • Setting up your weekly delivery is easy – pick five of your favorite Packs to create a bundle.
  • We work with your schedule: choose the days of the week you want your Pack bundles delivered.
  • Update your weekly bundle anytime by changing, adding or removing produce Packs up until 48 hours before it ships.


Packs: Starting at $29.99 per weekly 5-Pack Bundle

Order Online


Intelligent by design. Refreshing by Earth’s design.

Once your Press arrives, you can have amazing raw juice at the press of a button — in under 3 minutes. Get set-up with simple step-by-step instructions in the Juicero iOS app.

  • Power up your Press – connect it to any 2.4ghz wireless network.
  • Every time you make a pack, it double checks its QR code to verify the produce inside is fresh and never expired.

Press + Enjoy

8,000lbs of force turns Earth’s best stuff into amazing juice.

Open the Press door, hang a produce Pack, close the door, and hit the button. Then 8,000 pounds of force is applied to the fruits and veggies living inside the breathable Pack. In under 3 minutes, you’ll have a glass of amazing, raw cold-pressed juice brimming with nutrients, and all that good stuff.

  • No prep. No mess. No clean up.
  • Once pressed, the pulp inside the Pack can be reused and eaten or composted; the Pack itself is recyclable.
  • Flavors change with the season so there is always something new to try — from hydrating glows to indulgent shots, discover flavors that boost health and taste great.

We see more fruits and veggies in your future.

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