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Help Topics


What do the different LED lights on the Press door mean?

LED guide - 2LED guide - 3LED guide - 4LED guide - 5 LED guide - 6LED guide - 7 LED guide - 8

I can’t connect my Press to the internet. What could be going on?

Make sure you’ve downloaded the Juicero app and are logged in. Connecting your Press to the internet is done via the app. It’ll guide you through each step of the setup process and should only take a few minutes.

To download the Juicero App, visit the Google Play™ store or Apple App Store®.

If you’re still running into trouble with a particular part of the connectivity process, read on. We’ve listed a few troubleshooting tips that can help you. The following colors refer to the connection status indicator (cloud-shaped light) that’s located next to the scanner inside the Press:

Red light
Possible issue: SSID and/or password for Wi-Fi network is incorrect
Solution: Verify network credentials, then try to connect again

Possible issue: Press/phone is connected to a public network (for instance, in San Francisco, you may be connected to a public Xfinity network), not a home network
Solution: Connect to your home network

Possible issue: Press/phone is connected to a 5GHz network, rather than a 2.4GHz
Solution: The Press only connects to a 2.4GHz wireless network and is 802.11b/g/n compatible.
Note that, by default, the app displays the network the phone is currently connected to. If the network shown supports only 5GHz, you will need to type in the name of a network that supports 2.4GHz. It is not necessary for the phone and press to be connected to the same network.

Possible issue: The Press’s network connection is too weak
Solution: Move the Press within closer range of the Wi-Fi network

Yellow light
Possible issue: Press is either not connected to the Internet
Solution: Verify that your WiFi network has Internet access.

Possible issue: Router configuration filters by MAC address. (In layman’s terms: every device that can connect to a network has a MAC address. Your network only allows the MAC address it recognizes to connect.)
Solution: Add your Press’s MAC address—located on the handle on back of the device—to your network’s list of permitted MAC addresses. For an exact how-to, consult your router’s instruction manual.

Possible issue: The Juicero network is down
Solution: Give us some time to fix things internally, and try again later

Blue light
Possible issue: The Press is still set to factory settings.
Solution: Use the Juicero app to connect the Press to Wi-Fi

If you still have trouble, give us a call at (650) 449-8944. We’d be happy to dig deeper and get this all sorted out.

My Press won’t press a Pack. What could be going on?

A few things to check:
– Is your Press connected to the internet? Check that the Wi-Fi LED next to the scanner is white.
– Is the QR code of the Pack damaged? Check to see if there are any issues with the way they’ve been printed that might interfere with the way it’s being read. (As an example: is it smudged or torn?)
– Is the scanner window clean and streak-free? The rationale is the same here as with the QR codes: if the scanner window is smudged or dirty, it may interfere with its ability to read the Pack’s QR code to determine if it’s suitable for pressing.
– Is the QR code aligned with the scanner window? If the QR code isn’t in the scanner’s range, the Press can’t determine if the Pack is suitable for pressing.
– Has the Pack expired? Check the “Press On or Before” date, which is printed on the back of the Pack, beneath the QR code.
– Are there any alerts from the Juicero app? We send push notifications for specific events, like attempting to press an expired Pack.

If you check all of these and still aren’t having any luck, send us photos of the rejected, unpressed Pack(s) so we can assess what might be going on. If you suspect the Press may be malfunctioning, send us an email at help@juicero.com, or give us a call at (650) 449-8944. Let us know what you’re seeing, hearing, or what’s happening (or not happening!), and we’ll continue to help you try to diagnose possible issues.

 I did a factory reset, and the firmware light blinked blue, but the Press is still not working.

The Press needs to be connected to the internet to press a Pack. Open the Juicero app and tap on the Press icon at the bottom of the screen, then tap on Settings in the upper right-hand corner. Select “change Wi-Fi connection”. This will bring you to the start of the Wi-Fi connection process.

For more help connecting your Press to Wi-Fi, please refer to the Juicero app.

The door of my Press won’t open. What could be going on?

When you close the door, the Press will automatically lock before scanning for a Pack inside. This process takes about 3 seconds, during which the door will remain locked. If the Press does not detect a Pack, the door will unlock and open.

Here are additional scenarios where the Press door won’t open:
– The Press isn’t powered up. When you first get the Press, the door will be locked by default. When you plug it in, it will go through a series of booting up sequences and then the door will automatically unlock.
– The Press is ready to make juice. When you place a Pack in the Press and close the door, the door locks automatically. The Press will then scan the Pack’s QR code to confirm that it’s press ready and you can make juice. If the Press can’t read the QR code, the door will unlock and you can either close the door and try again or re-hang the Pack. If the Pack is unfit for consumption, the door will unlock, and you’ll toss out the Pack.
– The Press is actively pressing a Pack. The door will remain locked until all the juice has been extracted; the LED lights will blink until the door is opened by the user, to remind her to remove the Pack.

The door of my Press won’t close. What could be going on?

To properly close the door, push it fully closed until you hear a click—that’s the sound of our locking pins engaging. If the door is trying to lock but cannot, orange LED lights on the front of the door will blink on and off. Also, if a Pack is not accepted for some reason, the door will unlock and the press LED lights will turn orange.

I closed the door and the Pack fell off. How do I prevent this?

The Pack hangers (the nubs inside the Press where Packs are placed) have little ridges to keep the Packs from slipping off. Make sure the Pack hangs behind the ridges and the spout is facing down before closing the door. If the spout is bent or angled upward, make sure it remains outside the Press, facing down, before pressing a Pack. Hold the door shut until you hear a clicking noise, which signifies the door is properly closed.

What if I want to cancel the pressing process after the Press has started?

If you want to cancel pressing your Pack after you’ve pressed the start button, hold the button down for two seconds. This will cancel the process: the Press will retract, the door will unlock, and the Pack will be marked as used and cannot be pressed again.

 How do I lift the Press?

Use the two built-in handles—one in the back of the machine (where the power cord exits) and another in the front, under the “chin” of the Press—to lift the Press and place it in your desired location.

What happens if the power shorts while I’m pressing a Pack?

Once power is restored to the device, the platen (the plate inside the Press which ultimately presses your Pack) will retract, and the door will unlock so you can retrieve your Pack.