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Pack Subscription

How do the Press and Packs work together?

When we first dreamed of what Juicero could be, we envisioned a system. To make the best cold-pressed juice on the market, we needed a state-of-the-art machine and the highest quality, organic produce.

The Juicero Press and Packs were designed to work together. The Press brings industrial-strength power to your countertop. Packs contain a perfectly proportioned mix of raw, organic fruits and vegetables; and the packaging can withstand up to four tons of force generated by the Juicero Press. The juice you’ll enjoy is the result of years of fine tuning both the Press and Packs.

How does the Pack subscription work?

Once you purchase your Press, you’ll be prompted to set up your accompanying Pack subscription. Packs will be delivered automatically on a weekly basis, but you can modify, pause, or cancel your subscription at any time.

Packs are sold in bundles, or multiples of five (1 Bundle = 5 Packs). You can personalize the combination of Pack flavors that best suit your taste, the number of bundles you want delivered each week, and the specific day(s) you’d like them delivered. We ship bundles weekly.

How do I manage my subscription and Juicero account?

You can manage your Pack deliveries and your Juicero account in two places: the Juicero app and juicero.com.

We strive to offer you the freshest, highest quality product on the market by making every Pack to order. This means we have lead times that affect the timing around when you can make changes to your subscription. Here are some helpful guidelines:

MODIFYING ORDERS: You can modify your subscription at any time. Keep in mind that any changes or updates you make to your order—for example, which blends you receive, the quantities, and the day (or days) they arrive—require 2 business days before they go into effect. Also, please note: this is different from canceling an order outright.

CANCELING ORDERS: To cancel an upcoming delivery, you must do so at least 24 hours in advance of your expected delivery day. Otherwise, we won’t be able to pull your order before it ships to you. We understand things pop up that may make it difficult to be home for a delivery (hey, life happens!)—if you miss the 24-hour window, we’ll do our best to accommodate.

When will I get billed?

When you first purchase the Press and set up your Pack subscription, we will authorize your credit card for the cost of the Press as well as your first shipment. Your card won’t be charged until both items ship. For all recurring Pack charges, we will only charge your card once your Packs have shipped.

May I give Juicero as a gift?

Soon! We’re working on a gifting option as we speak.

Can I use Juicero in my office or business?

We’d love to hear from you. Email us with specifics: business@juicero.com.

I want to cancel my subscription. How do I do this?

Give us a call at (650) 449-8944, and we’ll take care of it.