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The Packs

Do I need to add water?

We get that question a lot, and we’re glad you asked: Nope. Our Packs contain nothing but pure, organic produce.

May I taste the juice before I buy the Press?

Yes! We’re launching in California, our home state, and will host plenty of events in San Francisco and Los Angeles to start. Check out our Events page for a list of upcoming tastings.

If you aren’t in either city, or you live outside of California, hang tight: we have plans to expand nationwide in the near future.

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How long will my Packs stay fresh?

The organic produce living inside each Pack will stay fresh in your refrigerator for 5-7 days. Each Pack has a “Press By” date printed on the back. To ensure freshness and quality, the Press will automatically reject and not press any Packs past their expiration date. Don’t consume the contents of the Pack after this date.

My Pack has juice stains on the sticker. Is it safe to consume?

Yes! Here’s a little bit of food science to explain what’s going on: because our produce is unpasteurized, it inhales oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide. Small holes in the BreatheWay patch—the stained surface— allow oxygen to flow into the pack and carbon dioxide to flow out. This keeps the produce alive and protected during transit and storage. If produce comes into contact with the patch, pigment can wick through the patch. This color change is harmless and natural.

Once pressed, what is the shelf life of my juice?

Our juice is meant to be consumed immediately after pressing. We recommend keeping pressed juice no longer than 8 hours in a sealed container, in the refrigerator.

Can I freeze my Packs and press them later?

The short answer: no. Because our Packs are made of freshly chopped fruits and vegetables, they’re meant to be pressed within days of landing on your doorstep. Aside from not wanting to freeze fresh produce (and thereby compromise flavor and nutrient density), attempting to press frozen Packs will likely damage your Press.

Who can drink the juice?

Our Packs contain 100% organic fruits and vegetables. All of our formulations are free of any of the major food allergens identified by the U.S. F.D.A. More information about Pack ingredients is available on each individual Pack detail page on our website and mobile app. Please consult your doctor if you have questions.

How do I recycle the Juicero Pack?

The Pack itself (the outer layer) is recyclable at any recycling drop-off that accepts plastic bags (i.e. local grocery stores; check here for more details!), or send them to us and we’ll recycle them for you. Email recycle@juicero.com to request a prepaid shipping label. The Packs must be clean and dry, with the pulp removed from inside.

What do I do with the pulp?

The pulp is fully compostable and edible, but we’ve got tons of additional ideas—check them out here.