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What recommendations can you make in terms of physical safety?

For the safety of our customers and your loved ones, there are some precautions we strongly recommend you take.

The Press is a heavy piece of equipment. We strongly recommend considering its size and weight when deciding where to place it in the kitchen. There is a tipping risk—do not lean or hang on the door or put any weight on the door. Make sure the Press door remains closed when not in use. Keep the Press out of the reach of children. The Press should not be operated by children.

There are moving parts inside the Press. For your safety, once the door is locked, you will not have access to any moving parts of the Press. If it is not locked, the Press will not operate, and no parts will move. Do not put foreign objects inside the Press chamber or stick anything into the spout area or the gap between the door and housing.

Use caution when handling the Press and note that the door is heavy. Do not wedge anything in the door, or place foreign objects in the Press while attempting to close the door. Keep fingers out of the gap between the door and housing, or anywhere near where the locks engage with the door.

Since your product is raw and unpasteurized, is it unsafe for some people to drink?

Our juice is an unpasteurized product made with 100% raw, organic produce, and may contain bacteria that could cause illness. Children under 5 years old, elderly, pregnant women, or those with a compromised immune system should consult a physician before drinking unpasteurized products.