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Help Topics


How do I schedule or change deliveries?

You can manage your deliveries online from your Juicero account. All changes require 2 business days to take effect. This is because we make each batch of Packs to order and need sufficient lead time to source produce, fill Packs, and fulfill orders.

For a calendar view of all upcoming shipments, refer to the Juicero app and click on the “Deliveries” tab (the calendar icon).

If you need to change the day you receive deliveries on an ongoing basis, login to your account here. Alternatively, you can use the app and tap ‘Update your subscription’ from a delivery details view.

If you need to change a specific delivery on a one-off basis, give us a call at (650) 449-8944.

Do I need to be home when my Pack deliveries arrive?

No, your Packs will be delivered to your door and will not require a signature. Remember, this is a perishable product—the shipping box is designed to keep Packs chilled until the evening of delivery. Keep the Packs inside until you are able to move them to the refrigerator.

How do I cancel deliveries?

You can cancel an upcoming delivery up until 24 hours before the order ships. This can be done through the Juicero mobile app.

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I didn’t receive my Packs. What should I do?

Let’s get to the bottom of this. Here are some tips:
– Ask around. Your neighbors or building managers might’ve seen or moved the package. We’ve heard from customers that their neighbors sometimes move packages out of view to prevent theft.
– Double check your address in your account.
– If your Packs are still missing, reach out to us at help@juicero.com and we’ll make things right.

My delivery arrived damaged. What should I do?

Oh no! The best thing to do is take pictures of the damage and email them to us at help@juicero.com. For Pack deliveries, we’ll want to know if the external box was damaged, and if the Packs were also damaged. Once we see the photo(s), we’ll respond with next steps.

What kind of shipping materials do you use? Are they environmentally responsible?

Here’s a complete list of the materials included in your Press and Pack shipments, as well as how to responsibly dispose of them (double check with your local garbage and recycling haulers to ensure proper disposal):

Shipping box
Made of: Post-consumer cardboard
Disposal: Recyclable at most curbside programs

Press box
Made of: Post-consumer cardboard
Disposal: Recyclable at most curbside programs

Quick start guide
Made of: Uncoated stock/thin corrugate with plant based dyes
Disposal: Recyclable at most curbside programs

User manual
Made of: Uncoated stock, plant-based dyes
Disposal: Hang onto this—you might need to refer to it

Shipper box
Made of: 70% recycled cardboard
Disposal: Curbside Recycleable

Made of: PET, made from 85% recycled PET
Disposal: Curbside Recyclable

Ice packs
Made of: Non-toxic, cellulose-based gel in a plastic bag
Disposal: Reusable*
*Currently working on a commercially compostable version

Pack bundle carton
Made of: Bamboo pulp
Disposal: Compostable

Disposal: Recyclable via plastic film recycling programs; to find one near you, click here. We will also collect your Packs and recycle them for you—email us at recycle@juicero.com for a prepaid shipping label and instructions on how to prep your Packs. Otherwise, standard landfill disposal.*
*Currently working on a commercially compostable version