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Connect to Something Greater

The Juicero app connects your Press and tells the complete story of your juice—from farm to glass.

It’s Convenient Nutrition at the Ready

Working together, the Press and the app ensure that you’re pressing and drinking the freshest tasting juice possible, all day, every day.

With the Juicero app, you can count on:

Peak Freshness

Once connected, the Press can read each Pack’s QR code to ensure that it’s ready for juicing. It also sends you notifications to drink up if your Packs are approaching their expiration date.

Transparency and Nutrition

You can read about the farms that grew the fruits and vegetables you’re drinking. The app also shows you how many nutrients you’re consuming with each glass.


You can track your Press activity and manage Pack deliveries. Edit, pause, or cancel anytime—or just sit back and let the automatic weekly replenishment continue like clockwork.

Now Available for download at iOS App and Google Play stores.